Will Linux Surpass with Ubuntu Edge over Android and ios Devices?

Ubuntu Edge, latest in the league of the smartphones doubles up as a personal computer when placed in a dock and as a smartphone has surprisingly failed to meet the set target goals of $32 Million and reached only up to a mark of $12.8 Million. Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu project is fairly patient about the failure of this ambitious project, has recently stated that $12.8 Million is still a good amount for the Crowdfunding campaign. Founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth says that they are still interested in making some mid-range Ubuntu-enabled smartphones in the future. As of now, their dream of building some ultra-high-end smartphones like Edge, which plays the role of a desktop PC as well, is numb.

Despite of its failure, Ubuntu Edge has managed to grab a lot of media attention and people who had not even heard of it now know a lot about it. It is infact difficult to actually call Ubuntu Edge a failure. According to the company, the type interest that people have shown in the device has forced the company to settle better prices with the suppliers of the components keeping in mind future Ubuntu-powered devices. Ubuntu Edge is dead for now. In all the plausible conditions, these mobile phones will be somewhere around low-range and mid-range devices that will run on Ubuntu-touch. This is the version crafted specifically for tablets and smartphones but do not possess the ability to switch into desktop mode if docked.

The main question arises is about how well can Ubuntu perform in the future. Will it be able to outshine Android, iOS and Windows devices that are running quite successfully today? This is that time where Android has already captured a major portion of the smartphone market and continues to do so. Will people be able to adapt to this new technology all of a sudden? The answer is no. The level of success that the already existing mobile operating systems have already achieved is quite high. There is nothing like that Ubuntu lacks behind in any kind of technology. Where other companies are thinking of making smartphones with new features and technology, Canonical plans to directly jump to the phase of “Super-Phones”. As of now that concept has failed, but managed to grab some attention of mobile manufacturers to develop something out of the box.

Canonical always knew that there product was a risky vaporware, but for them the risk was worth it. Another version of Ubuntu phones are expected to release somewhere around the first quarter of 2014. Like the recently released Firefox operating system based phones, newer versions of Ubuntu are going to be mid-range phones that won’t be indebted to Google or Apple. Any phone that possesses 1GB RAM, around 32GB of storage and a quad-core Intel Atom or Cortex A9 processor will be good enough to switch into desktop mode. But as far this concept is concerned; none of the other mobile manufacturers are in the pipeline to create such type of superphone. In my opinion, I think this concept of converting a superphone into a desktop PC will need some more time to effectively take place.


India gains maximum number of H1B visas in the world

We all are totally aware of what is going on around us in the world. This globalization is pulling down the world; the topic of outsourcing from Indian firms is a hot topic for companies in the outside world. It is the time when you cannot think of just USA who believes in outsourcing jobs at cheaper costs; almost every country is investing in outsourcing services. The advent of outsourcing of jobs in India started long back. Today it stands as the best destination for outsourcing for all technical work, when evaluated with the outsourcing locations in the Pacific Rim, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Even after so much of hullabaloo against the same, US organizations haven’t stopped shipping of jobs in India. Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) showed that outsourcing of jobs from countries like China, India and Brazil have displaced hundreds of local workers. American employees who represent companies like Honeywell, IBM, AT&T and Walgreens have filed petitions for receiving TAA benefits.

TAA is a central program of US Govt. that assists in displacing American workers affected by imports of resources. Consider IBM for example, it has laid off employees in the New York site because of one reason: OUTSOURCING. Few jobs from New York have been shifted to India, Brazil and China, and this was shown in report submitted by the former employees.


With the market not showing such great results, outsourcing by default became the top choice of entrepreneurs; reason being some major cost savings over different projects. Certain measures were taken in the past to completely abolish outsourcing from Indian sub-continent but this could only stop or limit for a certain amount of time.

US Government has shown that the maximum number of visas any country is getting is India. It has received a lion share of all the H-1 visas issued in the States. Statistics show that the percentage of Indians has gone from 58% in 2011 to 64% in 2012. In simple terms, H-1B share is only growing for Asia’s third largest economy mentioned in the immigration bill passed by US Senate passed in this June.


The immigration law though increases the annual cap of H-1B Visa, cost of the visa is raised by few thousand dollars, which has no doubt hit India’s large outsourcing firms. Stricter rules strengthen up to approximately $8 Billion from India’s tottering economy.

Till date, it is still not fixed what the final wordict is going to be like and nobody has a single idea of the future. Everything is unclear because of changing dynamics of technology.

Remember these points while developing an iPhone App


These modern gadgets have given a new definition to the way people survive in this techsavvy world. You will find an app on the app store for almost every facet of professional and personal life. Every business owner is looking forward to creation of new mobile applications for employees and their customers. Mobile phones and tablets have swept away the popularity of PCs and Laptops in no time. After 2007, things have completely changed for mobile world in Australia itself. The iPhone developers in Australia have changed the way they think about making something out of the box.

Software development was no more about some web application running over different browsers but now it was also about a mobile website and some mobile app running in offline mode. The current situation of software development is far from being a cake walk. Highly distributed environment, multiple technologies and various computing networks is something that iOS programmers must offer. These systems integrate legacy systems with newer ones. The pressure to cope up with the budding range and technology of handheld devices is never ending. This is the reason why most of them recoil from the notion.

Programmers aim to code for an iPhone app which shall make employees more efficient and creative, commit some general mistakes in the development procedure. Security issues and real-time monitoring are some of the few things that need to be carefully addressed.

Listed below are a few do’s and don’ts:


Keep in mind the user experience:

Irrespective of the device (iPad or iPhone), modern gadgets are quite different from desktop PCs and laptops. It is quite essential for you to understand and try not to just port the existing application on mobile. Mobile phones have a different architecture and low resources to process as well as a very different input mechanism. Simply copying the interface will make the app hard to manage.

Likewise many websites that already exist; we need to have an autonomous version optimized for mobile. Keep the user in mind, and design and develop accordingly because this is something cannot be avoided.

Sensors and form factor

Today is the time when you use 3G or LTE, a high resolution camera, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and what not. Optimum use of these sensors is what really matters. Starting from the very basic features like reorientation of the display when the device is tilted, permit users to instantly take a snap and upload it straight into the system.


Don’t create an iPhone app just for the sake of it

Do not just tag yourself because everybody is developing something or the other on the App Store. Try to avoid wasting your time in writing code without any analysis. Spend some time to recognize the needs within the business and industry for which the solution has to be developed. Pay some attention on finding how an app can change the way things can be done for better results.

Learn from the existing consumer and don’t just copy them

Thousands of apps have already been developed for Apple App Store. While scratching together the mobile application for any business, keep in mind that there is a lot of stuff that can be scratched together from consumer apps to improve the functionality.

Cross Platform Technique Assist in App Development

Encouraging developers to develop software applications for embedded devices, desktop/laptops and handheld devices, Qt Quick user interface development and cross platform framework supports all major operating systems. This is a common approach to deal with the most common applications so as to crumble it into smaller units. It results in better productive process and the configuration of the application as a whole. The capabilities of QT Quick speed up the development of graphic-rich user interfaces and reusable UI controls depend on the newer versions of QT Quick and other features that lower down the hard work done by software developers while writing the code.

qt quick

Qt Quick is a bundle of technologies especially designed to assist programmers in creating modern and fluid user interfaces that are quite popular on mobiles, tablets, set-top boxes and other portable devices. It portrays a rich collection of user interface elements, a declarative language describing UI and a language runtime. In order to integrate such high level features with classic apps, you need a collection of C++ APIs. QML is a high level scripting language. It facilitates, more often the elements and leverage the power of Qt libraries to ease out the commands to be used and perform spontaneous functions. Everything is possible with this language! The QML element generally has properties that efficiently define any functionality. Construction of user interfaces by importing these features and this is one of the reasons that make Qt Quick and QML stand out of the crowd.

You must be wondering till now that why is even QML being mentioned over here? Also known as Qt Meta Language or Qt Modeling Language is a JavaScript based declarative language specifically for interface-centric applications. It has been specifically crafted for fluid animations, touch input and user experiences are very important. The elements in QML are imported with QT and are a sophisticated set of building blocks. All the elements can be integrated for component building. These components range from a complex app to a simple button or a slider. Basically, QML offers two paradigms for serving this approach – loader and component elements. Both of them have alike functionalities. What is different is the way they work.

Overview of New Features in Qt Quick

In the newer versions, much new functionality has been added. Many of them were already present in the Desktop Component project and now they are officially the part of Qt Quick. Following are a few new controls listed below:

  • Layouts
  • Controls
  • Views
  • Keyboard Focus
  • Presenting Data with views
  • Structuring Data with Models
  • Mouse events

Important Concepts in Qt Quick

You get what you need with Qt Quick in order to create a rich application with dynamic and fluid user interface. Enabling user interface to be crafted around the nature of components of user interface and the way they connect with each other. Transition and Animation effects are a top notch idea in Qt Quick and the visual effects can be inserted through special components for beautiful effects.

Top iPhone and iPad Apps in Australia

With more than 50 billion downloads from the app store, Apple seems to be enjoying the limelight. The revolution started back in July 2008 when Apple launched its app store and in no time there were thousands of apps available for download. This popularity was only the result of the security and quality provided from the store. Around the world there are millions of users and each of them have had their own needs to be fulfilled. People residing in Australia love to keep themselves updated with the applications that connect them with the outside world. Let’s have a look at some applications that Aussies have been using for quite some time now!


  • Whatsapp

A cross platform messaging application which allows you to communicate with other users without having to pay anything for SMS. It is available for all the leading mobile platforms and operating systems and yes, you can easily communicate with each other! All you need is an internet data pack which you normally use for any other work in your mobile. This app has been one of the most successful apps so far. Several other reasons to use Whatsapp are:

  • No hidden cost
  • Group messaging
  • Multimedia sharing
  • No additional username or PIN required for registration
  • Offline messaging
  • Share your geographic location
  • Fetch Whatsapp contacts directly from the contact list of your phone


  • Instagram

This is a freely available quirky way of sharing your life with your life with friends through pictures and videos. Photographs taken from mobile phones are generally of mediocre quality. The basic idea of Instagram was to filter transform your images into professional looking pictures. Instagram lets you share your images anytime, anywhere with Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.


  • Plants vs Zombies

If you are a resident of Australia or New Zealand, then you have to play this game. The iPhone version has been launched and within a very short span of time, this game has been downloaded a million times. A simple yet silly game will keep you glued to it. Save the zombies from invading your home! Soil your plant to work against the zombies. This game is a perfect example of about how a company can build its trust with the users. An all time favorite game for all ages! Fun never ends…


  • Skype

One of the most widely used messaging and calling applications. This application practically runs on every platform. For iPhone you can freely find this application on the app store. People use it make international calls at very cheap rates to cell phones and landline numbers.

There are many more applications that are quite successful amongst people of Australia. This is just a glimpse of the lot. You can visit the app store and download as many applications you like. Some of them are free while few of them will charge you. Just choose the mobile software application according to your choice and do whatever you feel like!

To keep ourselves updated with new technologies we need developers that can help us convert unique ideas into reality. Mobilepundits’ expert developers are there 24*7 to assist you with your problems!

A few Little less Famous Google Products

Google needs no introduction. One of the world’s largest internet firms has one best product in its name. Out of all the search engines, Google search engine ranks on top. But it is not restricted to search engine only. Many innovative products have been launched. Some are running beta stage, but are quite successful. Google is a giant machine with all sorts of programs, apps and tools like Google docs and Gmail. Over the years Google has been experimenting with new products to make life easier and secure too, and today I will write about those Google products that are less famous. Few of them might surprise you as you might not have even heard of them, but they are quite useful in reality.

List below are those eight less-famous products of Google:

  • Google Mars
  • Google Scholar
  • Google Art Project
  • Google Input Tools
  • Google Think Insight
  • Google Moderator
  • Google Encrypted
  • Schemer

Google Mars:


This project was launched in 2009. Google Mars is a combined effort of NASA researchers and Google at Arizona State University. The project is very similar to Google Earth, virtual software where you can browse images of satellites in 3D model. The only difference comes in the planet being viewed. On Google Mars you can view Mars instead of Earth. It was released as a downloadable Google Earth App free of cost. It allows users to view images of Mars downloaded a few hours ago by NASA in 3D rover models in high-resolution.

Google Scholar:

ImageCall it a search engine used for intellectual articles. Scholar lets you access thesis, articles, books, court opinions from knowledgeable publishers, qualified societies, universities, online stores and many other websites. In short, Google Scholar is quite expansive. It is one-stop destination for people looking for cerebral prose. If you want to keep yourself updated with the current events of the world, then Google Scholar is definitely the word. The plus point is the content is not available only in English, but in Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, etc. Hindi is on the way!

Google Art Project:

ImageFind the best collection of art from different corners of the world online. Launched in Feb 2011 by Google, this art project is one of the best online collections of some of the finest art works of various artists all over the world. This art platform allows users to virtually view art galleries, explore contextual and physical of an art piece, and compile their very own virtual collection as well.

Google Input Tools:


Google input tool in an input editor for Windows operating system and allows users to enter text in any supported language of the world with the help of Latin (QWERTY/English) keyboard. Here users have to type any word using Latin characters in the way it sounds and this tool converts the word into its native script. Currently you can experience 22 different languages of the world.

Google Think Insight:

ImageGoogle has introduced a new tool in the market for agencies and marketers known as Think Insights. It is a massive pool of useful information providing latest findings in digital marketing as well as the case studies of industry leaders and latest research of Google. The case-studies and stories and handpicked by Google itself in order to provide insight and inspiration.

Google Moderator:

ImageThis is a service provided by Google which uses crowd-sourcing for ranking user-submitted questions, ideas and suggestions. In this moderator a series is created about any topic of your interest for discussion. Anybody can visit the site and submit their queries or even vote. The main aim of this service is to make sure that every discussion is taken into consideration.

Google Encrypted:

ImageGoogle encrypted beta is a product of Google which uses a safe secured channel in order to protect the search terms and the result pages from being caught by anyone outside the network. It works just like Google, searches in the similar manner, but does not give you any kind of virus.


ImageThis is a service provided by Google for sharing and discovering various things. Users can chalk out things that they like, and share with various other people. Once they are done with it, they can mark it. It is integrated with Google+ and to use it, you should be a member of Google+.


These were a few infamous products of Google. It has many such products that have carved a niche and very well known to the world. Out of all Android is one such product that has created a buzz in the market and has been an all time favorite of people. If you own a business, then you should try to outsource android app development services for once to reach more audience in no time.

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Why Hire an Offshore Mobile App Developer

Mobile Application Development! I will not deny the fact that IT IS the most powerful sectors today. Many developers are now taking important steps in moving towards mobile technology. Mobile phones have become a necessity for humans and unlike before its usage is not limited to just calling or sending and receiving text messages. People today do all the work of shopping, bill payments, bank transactions, social networking and what not else on this small device. All these mobile phones come with applications that help you in doing everything you feel like making your personal and professional work easy to handle.

ImageThe competition in the market has increased tremendously. There was a whole new revolution after the launch of the iPhone series. Nobody in unaware of the fact that how successful Apple products are! Competition rose to a new level as the type of applications that iPhone has are very powerful. iPhone development has carved a niche in offshore mobile app development sector. These developers are developing new high end applications on regular basis and are meeting the growing needs of the users. More and more businesses are moving towards mobile technology thus there is growing necessity of custom app developers for iPhone.

ImageEarlier organizations preferred to hire experts for performing the R&D of the whole market scenario. More and more devices have started to come into picture and thus demand for better and new iPhone applications has also increased substantially. This was a new revolution for the business support for bringing creative imagination to life. iOS is growing at a very fast pace in the industry which in turn has intensified the competition midst professional mobile application development companies. These organizations have employed dedicated employees for programming of custom mobile apps at very affordable rates. This field is now a booming industry and many people are migrating towards it.

So it is very well understood until now finding a good offshore iPhone app developer is a tough job now. It is important to hire a professional development company which offers complete package for offshore iPhone application development services at affordable prices. There are certain things like developer’s experience and portfolio that need to be taken care of well in advance. Check about the apps they have developed in their past and how many of them are actually are present in the app store.

Any good app developer will definitely charge a good price, so in advance an estimate should be made before about the amount of time needed for the app to be ready for selling it in order to justify the pricing.

Though there are loads of risks involved in hiring an offshore iPhone application developer, if they are not worthy enough. It would become quite easy to consider all the necessary options before hiring any developer for our work.

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Methods of Testing Android Mobile Apps

My very first post for the blog and I choose to write it on Android! I have used Symbian and iOS before, and they have been never my favorite. I have been using android for quite some time now and I absolutely love it. The OS is quite easy to use and moreover when it’s from Google, you have guaranteed quality. After hardware, what users look for is a good quality app.


To top the charts, developers should do their homework before launching a particular app which includes ensuring that the final product is as bug-free as possible. Testing for mobile app domain is one of the top emerging fields in the area of testing domain. Any professional android app tester will try to find as many errors as possible prior to the releasing the artifact. Though newer versions can be released quickly, but any negative response from the audience can ruin the reputation of the app. So starting from the first rule, test your product well in advance (at early stages and just before the release), preferably by a professional to avoid any consequences. The word professional is mentioned here for the sake of apps’ success. They follow the same methodology that was used for testing desktop and web applications.


Many companies spend a large sum of money in projects of testing a mobile app. The reason for the growth in this department is not only due to the every rising mobile industry, but also because of the sensitivity of the data, the most important factor responsible for success of the app.

If you are thinking that the testing ends upon the release of the product, you are going wrong. When the app is uploaded on PlayStore, you still have to stick with it. After the app is on store, the company downloads the app a million times and runs it on approximately 400 devices. The idea is just to make the app enter the android app market and spread the word on a very high scale. But the whole testing is carried out by the professional in a very sophisticated manner making it viable for android app developer.

It is quite impossible for a small firm and solo developers to carry out the entire elaborated testing on numerous devices. The procedure is very time-consuming in case of manual testing and not even worthy because of the cost issues.

The best way to save time and cost is by doing development and testing simultaneously. During the planning phase, all the features are decided well in advance. Once a feature is developed, its testing should start right after that to filter out any changes to be made. This method of android app testing will help in quick development of the product avoiding any hassle or pressure. Android development and testing of android applications go hand in hand. The options will definitely help if you def-rag your development and testing.

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