Do you really need a smartwatch?

What’s new this apart from smartphones and tablets? It’s the smart watches that every other company seems to manufacture. Modern computerized wristwatches which display weather updates and message alerts seem to be in vogue this season. Major computers giants are trying their hands in motivating gadget freaks to add this new hot favorite device in their shopping list.

Sony and Samsung have already manufactured and their products are already in the market, and now Qualcomm has something that will be introduced prior to the holidays. There has been news that even Apple is engaged in manufacturing one, and there are rumors that even Google has also joined the league.

The big question is, why is there is so much hype everywhere in respect to the smart watch? This big push is not coming from the consumer side, but from the manufacturer side who have been doing everything to make people buy this expensive device.

From quite some time, smart watches have been trending in the market. They have all the capabilities and the technology has improved, but this is still not the product people have been craving for! But this has not stopped the manufacturers from trying to think and create something out of the box. All the tech firms around the world are in constant pressure of creating a new source of thrill the customers all around the world because they are no longer wowed by the latest tablets and smartphones launched every now and then. Now rather than making some revolutionary, it is the time to make something evolutionary.

Last month we had Samsung Galaxy Gear for $300 in United States, and before that we had Sony launching something similar. It works with selected devices in order to display text alerts, SMSs and even pick phone calls. You will also see a camera on the strap of the smart wrist watch for clicking low resolution images. The speakerphone on the belt of the watch allows you to make phone calls even when your phone is in the pocket of the jeans. To connect with the smartphone, you will have to keep it connected through Bluetooth. To enhance the functionality you can even install applications for example, fitness tracking activities, playing games, even though you will have limited number of applications available for now.


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