Is Facebook Becoming the New Source of Updates?


Forget any other website; Facebook has become one of the key resources to the latest updates. The wide social network has now become a pool of articles of all the happenings in the world, a study says.

The research done by the Pew research Center, in association with the Knight Foundation, found that around 64% of the United States adults are active on Facebook, and approximately half of them read the latest updates on this service. That amounts to a total of 30% Americans who are actually “Consumers of Facebook News,” as said by Pew.

But the survey suggests that 78% of this group of people get to know about the up-to-date information from the profile of their friends or through photo sharing. This post doesn’t want to convey this message that Facebook intends to replace any newspaper, it’s just that people login to upload something personal or comment on an activity and accidentally find something worthy and share on their profile as well. This chain keeps on running till the post goes viral over internet.

Though I have been claiming that Facebook is becoming a good source of information, its popularity is fading out among the teens because over the past one year rival websites like Instagram and Twitter are chosen over FB y the young generation, as revealed by a survey. Facebook has officially lost its spot to its rival websites as the most popular social networking website because of its privacy risks and tendency to provoke drama.


According to the survey, around 8,650 youngsters Facebook was only a “Social Burden” as now it is limited to only posting private pictures and commenting on them.

Many heavy news followers might not be considerate towards Facebook and its growing popularity only in this context because for them, it is just a medium to spread the word to rest of the population of the world easily. Around 38% of the followers read or share the update “most of the time” or “all of the time” and describe it as this is something where they will receive any important news bulletin with the comments and views of other readers. The statistics show that the number rose to 47% but some of them follow the same “some of the time” or even less.

Apart from any news bulletin, certain classes of people consider FB a tool to expose some scandalous people to make the news to people who might not be considerate about something.


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