The New Windows 8.1 – Loaded with 16 New Features

Microsoft has finally announced the release of one of the most awaited operating systems – The upgrade of Windows 8.1. It has already addressed some of the grievances people might be holding with Windows 8 operating system, radically the unusual operating systems that want to bridge the gap between PCs and tablets.

The new update still showcases the dual worlds that Windows 8 had created earlier when it went public in last October. One side laid the focus on the touch-enabled interface full of tiles something very similar found in tablet PCs. The other side hasn’t left behind the old traditional desktop mode where the mouse and keyboard still reign. The update only adds several new and enhanced gesture and finger friendly shortcuts for applications that are touch-based, while reestablishing respect for the desktop mode that a billion personal computer users are habitual to.

This Windows 8.1 update is available for free for the present owners of Windows 8. Let us have a look at some of the new features in Windows 8.1:

Start Button

Microsoft had not included the start button feature the predecessor of the new platform. In Windows 7 and all the previous versions, it was never excluded. On click on the start button, it would show you important folders and programs in a list. When I tried my hands on Windows 8 operating system, personally I found it very annoying to work without the start button. Now, with just one tap you are now able to flip back to the new tiled interface, where you are able to open programs easily. A long press would bring up imperative settings like the Control Panel.

Boot to Desktop

Start your machine now in the desktop mode, ignoring the tiles for a short span of time. This has reduced the headache for big organizations that want their employees to use Windows 8 but choose not to pay for every single touch-screen monitor for each and every employee.

Onscreen Keyboard Swipes

This is the ability to type punctuation marks or numbers by just swiping away from the keys on the standard “QWERTY” layout of keyboard, thus eliminating the need to toggle between the alphabetic and numeric layouts. You could even choose from the suggested words and mid-stream by using the taps and side swipes on the virtual spacebar.

Quicker Organization of Tiles

Tap & Hold the tiles of the Windows with your fingers and move them. Tap a couple of more times and you’ll resize the tiles into one of four sizes. In the older versions, you just had to revert back to the touchpad or mouse and right-click on them, and you had a limit of only two sizes.

Automatic Updates

The applications updated in the background will replace the persistent reminders directly to the Windows Store so as to update apps all by you.

Easy Access of Applications

Just find all your applications with just a swipe on the start screen, till the time you do not do it from the bottom edge. Previously, all you needed to do is swipe from the edge of the bottom, and then just tap on the entire Application buttons.

Smaller Tablets

The new Windows 8.1 comprises of a new home screen that looks amazing in the portrait mode on the screens measured accordingly to 7 and 8 inches diagonally.

Lock Screen Access

Answer video/audio calls on Skype or even click pictures without even unlocking the screen of your device. Just swipe it!


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