11 Things that prove Google is better than Apple

There was a time when Google and Apple were pretty good partners. These two are those titans of the industry that have captured the whole worked through their digital realm. They’ve shared a great partnership but since Google entered the market of smartphones with its own mobile operating system – Android, the relationship between the two companies have taken a sore turn. Now is the time where Google and Apple are competing with each other in almost every field.

Apple is known for setting a bench mark in mobile technology for all the companies around the world, but it is Google has been able to outshine Apple in some ways and proved its worth.

Let’s see how it is possible. Have a look at the following points:

Google Voice Assistant vs Apple’s Siri

These two have a lot of features in common like showcasing the nearby restaurants or scores of any sport. Siri is just a click away. Even if you are working on some other app, you will just have to hold down the home button and Siri is there for you!

Google Voice Assistant has taken a different approach for the personal assistant. This app is loaded with Google Search app, and many other features. Google is now not restricted on fetching information on instructions.

Google has taken a different approach to the personal assistant. Already armed with Google voice search, a feature within the Google Search app, Google Now doesn’t concentrate on fetching information on command. Rather, it attempts to anticipate your needs and bring up information before you ask for it.


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