iPhone 5S is no different, and iPhone 5C cannot be called be cheap!

This time the release of two new models of iPhone really made the world miss Jobs! Every time there is news for release of newer versions of iPhone devices, excitement runs through the veins of people all around the world. But this time, Apple has really dropped the ball. In the recent years, the definition of smartphones has changed completely. Persistently Apple has managed to refuse to budge from its old but successful tried-and-tested iPhone tactics. Straight away it has refused to address the present smartphone market. It is neither focusing on large screen race of mobile phones nor getting into the race of camera megapixels. Even including the quad-core processor in the mobile phones is out of concern.

All the stuff that companies manufacturing Android based devices, like including a quad-core processor without thinking of the software, is mostly of no use. I don’t think that Apple cares about all this stuff now. But somewhere Apple has started to lose its market share because of its competitors are constantly trying to experiment something or the other! We all are totally aware of the fact if you want something high end in Android, then you will only have options with high resolution screen and large screens.

It was believed all over the world the latest releases in the iPhone league would be something extra-ordinary like its predecessors and take care of high-tech market, something really different and magical. The main focus was supposed to be Indian and Chinese market and to some degree release of low-budget iPhones were expected. Instead of one, Apple took a chance of releasing two new products. But as said above, they failed to meet the high expectations of customers unlike the previous gadgets. We surely do miss Steve Jobs!

Let us take a look at iphone 5S and how it advances:

Similar Design: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 look exactly the same. There is zero change in the design, well it is not a bad thing – the design of iPhone 5 is pretty but boring!

Same Screen: This factor is one of the biggest disappointments. Present Android devices come with improved screen resolution every time it launches a new phone. FullHD resolution is the main attraction these days, making them extremely crisp and sharp. iPhone 5S has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 x 720 pixels.

Exactly same amount of internal storage: It is true, you still have iPhone in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB variants. Apple does not talk about its RAM, but it would be around 2 GB only.


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