Will Linux Surpass with Ubuntu Edge over Android and ios Devices?

Ubuntu Edge, latest in the league of the smartphones doubles up as a personal computer when placed in a dock and as a smartphone has surprisingly failed to meet the set target goals of $32 Million and reached only up to a mark of $12.8 Million. Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu project is fairly patient about the failure of this ambitious project, has recently stated that $12.8 Million is still a good amount for the Crowdfunding campaign. Founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth says that they are still interested in making some mid-range Ubuntu-enabled smartphones in the future. As of now, their dream of building some ultra-high-end smartphones like Edge, which plays the role of a desktop PC as well, is numb.

Despite of its failure, Ubuntu Edge has managed to grab a lot of media attention and people who had not even heard of it now know a lot about it. It is infact difficult to actually call Ubuntu Edge a failure. According to the company, the type interest that people have shown in the device has forced the company to settle better prices with the suppliers of the components keeping in mind future Ubuntu-powered devices. Ubuntu Edge is dead for now. In all the plausible conditions, these mobile phones will be somewhere around low-range and mid-range devices that will run on Ubuntu-touch. This is the version crafted specifically for tablets and smartphones but do not possess the ability to switch into desktop mode if docked.

The main question arises is about how well can Ubuntu perform in the future. Will it be able to outshine Android, iOS and Windows devices that are running quite successfully today? This is that time where Android has already captured a major portion of the smartphone market and continues to do so. Will people be able to adapt to this new technology all of a sudden? The answer is no. The level of success that the already existing mobile operating systems have already achieved is quite high. There is nothing like that Ubuntu lacks behind in any kind of technology. Where other companies are thinking of making smartphones with new features and technology, Canonical plans to directly jump to the phase of “Super-Phones”. As of now that concept has failed, but managed to grab some attention of mobile manufacturers to develop something out of the box.

Canonical always knew that there product was a risky vaporware, but for them the risk was worth it. Another version of Ubuntu phones are expected to release somewhere around the first quarter of 2014. Like the recently released Firefox operating system based phones, newer versions of Ubuntu are going to be mid-range phones that won’t be indebted to Google or Apple. Any phone that possesses 1GB RAM, around 32GB of storage and a quad-core Intel Atom or Cortex A9 processor will be good enough to switch into desktop mode. But as far this concept is concerned; none of the other mobile manufacturers are in the pipeline to create such type of superphone. In my opinion, I think this concept of converting a superphone into a desktop PC will need some more time to effectively take place.


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