Top iPhone and iPad Apps in Australia

With more than 50 billion downloads from the app store, Apple seems to be enjoying the limelight. The revolution started back in July 2008 when Apple launched its app store and in no time there were thousands of apps available for download. This popularity was only the result of the security and quality provided from the store. Around the world there are millions of users and each of them have had their own needs to be fulfilled. People residing in Australia love to keep themselves updated with the applications that connect them with the outside world. Let’s have a look at some applications that Aussies have been using for quite some time now!


  • Whatsapp

A cross platform messaging application which allows you to communicate with other users without having to pay anything for SMS. It is available for all the leading mobile platforms and operating systems and yes, you can easily communicate with each other! All you need is an internet data pack which you normally use for any other work in your mobile. This app has been one of the most successful apps so far. Several other reasons to use Whatsapp are:

  • No hidden cost
  • Group messaging
  • Multimedia sharing
  • No additional username or PIN required for registration
  • Offline messaging
  • Share your geographic location
  • Fetch Whatsapp contacts directly from the contact list of your phone


  • Instagram

This is a freely available quirky way of sharing your life with your life with friends through pictures and videos. Photographs taken from mobile phones are generally of mediocre quality. The basic idea of Instagram was to filter transform your images into professional looking pictures. Instagram lets you share your images anytime, anywhere with Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.


  • Plants vs Zombies

If you are a resident of Australia or New Zealand, then you have to play this game. The iPhone version has been launched and within a very short span of time, this game has been downloaded a million times. A simple yet silly game will keep you glued to it. Save the zombies from invading your home! Soil your plant to work against the zombies. This game is a perfect example of about how a company can build its trust with the users. An all time favorite game for all ages! Fun never ends…


  • Skype

One of the most widely used messaging and calling applications. This application practically runs on every platform. For iPhone you can freely find this application on the app store. People use it make international calls at very cheap rates to cell phones and landline numbers.

There are many more applications that are quite successful amongst people of Australia. This is just a glimpse of the lot. You can visit the app store and download as many applications you like. Some of them are free while few of them will charge you. Just choose the mobile software application according to your choice and do whatever you feel like!

To keep ourselves updated with new technologies we need developers that can help us convert unique ideas into reality. Mobilepundits’ expert developers are there 24*7 to assist you with your problems!


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