A few Little less Famous Google Products

Google needs no introduction. One of the world’s largest internet firms has one best product in its name. Out of all the search engines, Google search engine ranks on top. But it is not restricted to search engine only. Many innovative products have been launched. Some are running beta stage, but are quite successful. Google is a giant machine with all sorts of programs, apps and tools like Google docs and Gmail. Over the years Google has been experimenting with new products to make life easier and secure too, and today I will write about those Google products that are less famous. Few of them might surprise you as you might not have even heard of them, but they are quite useful in reality.

List below are those eight less-famous products of Google:

  • Google Mars
  • Google Scholar
  • Google Art Project
  • Google Input Tools
  • Google Think Insight
  • Google Moderator
  • Google Encrypted
  • Schemer

Google Mars:


This project was launched in 2009. Google Mars is a combined effort of NASA researchers and Google at Arizona State University. The project is very similar to Google Earth, virtual software where you can browse images of satellites in 3D model. The only difference comes in the planet being viewed. On Google Mars you can view Mars instead of Earth. It was released as a downloadable Google Earth App free of cost. It allows users to view images of Mars downloaded a few hours ago by NASA in 3D rover models in high-resolution.

Google Scholar:

ImageCall it a search engine used for intellectual articles. Scholar lets you access thesis, articles, books, court opinions from knowledgeable publishers, qualified societies, universities, online stores and many other websites. In short, Google Scholar is quite expansive. It is one-stop destination for people looking for cerebral prose. If you want to keep yourself updated with the current events of the world, then Google Scholar is definitely the word. The plus point is the content is not available only in English, but in Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, etc. Hindi is on the way!

Google Art Project:

ImageFind the best collection of art from different corners of the world online. Launched in Feb 2011 by Google, this art project is one of the best online collections of some of the finest art works of various artists all over the world. This art platform allows users to virtually view art galleries, explore contextual and physical of an art piece, and compile their very own virtual collection as well.

Google Input Tools:


Google input tool in an input editor for Windows operating system and allows users to enter text in any supported language of the world with the help of Latin (QWERTY/English) keyboard. Here users have to type any word using Latin characters in the way it sounds and this tool converts the word into its native script. Currently you can experience 22 different languages of the world.

Google Think Insight:

ImageGoogle has introduced a new tool in the market for agencies and marketers known as Think Insights. It is a massive pool of useful information providing latest findings in digital marketing as well as the case studies of industry leaders and latest research of Google. The case-studies and stories and handpicked by Google itself in order to provide insight and inspiration.

Google Moderator:

ImageThis is a service provided by Google which uses crowd-sourcing for ranking user-submitted questions, ideas and suggestions. In this moderator a series is created about any topic of your interest for discussion. Anybody can visit the site and submit their queries or even vote. The main aim of this service is to make sure that every discussion is taken into consideration.

Google Encrypted:

ImageGoogle encrypted beta is a product of Google which uses a safe secured channel in order to protect the search terms and the result pages from being caught by anyone outside the network. It works just like Google, searches in the similar manner, but does not give you any kind of virus.


ImageThis is a service provided by Google for sharing and discovering various things. Users can chalk out things that they like, and share with various other people. Once they are done with it, they can mark it. It is integrated with Google+ and to use it, you should be a member of Google+.


These were a few infamous products of Google. It has many such products that have carved a niche and very well known to the world. Out of all Android is one such product that has created a buzz in the market and has been an all time favorite of people. If you own a business, then you should try to outsource android app development services for once to reach more audience in no time.

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