Methods of Testing Android Mobile Apps

My very first post for the blog and I choose to write it on Android! I have used Symbian and iOS before, and they have been never my favorite. I have been using android for quite some time now and I absolutely love it. The OS is quite easy to use and moreover when it’s from Google, you have guaranteed quality. After hardware, what users look for is a good quality app.


To top the charts, developers should do their homework before launching a particular app which includes ensuring that the final product is as bug-free as possible. Testing for mobile app domain is one of the top emerging fields in the area of testing domain. Any professional android app tester will try to find as many errors as possible prior to the releasing the artifact. Though newer versions can be released quickly, but any negative response from the audience can ruin the reputation of the app. So starting from the first rule, test your product well in advance (at early stages and just before the release), preferably by a professional to avoid any consequences. The word professional is mentioned here for the sake of apps’ success. They follow the same methodology that was used for testing desktop and web applications.


Many companies spend a large sum of money in projects of testing a mobile app. The reason for the growth in this department is not only due to the every rising mobile industry, but also because of the sensitivity of the data, the most important factor responsible for success of the app.

If you are thinking that the testing ends upon the release of the product, you are going wrong. When the app is uploaded on PlayStore, you still have to stick with it. After the app is on store, the company downloads the app a million times and runs it on approximately 400 devices. The idea is just to make the app enter the android app market and spread the word on a very high scale. But the whole testing is carried out by the professional in a very sophisticated manner making it viable for android app developer.

It is quite impossible for a small firm and solo developers to carry out the entire elaborated testing on numerous devices. The procedure is very time-consuming in case of manual testing and not even worthy because of the cost issues.

The best way to save time and cost is by doing development and testing simultaneously. During the planning phase, all the features are decided well in advance. Once a feature is developed, its testing should start right after that to filter out any changes to be made. This method of android app testing will help in quick development of the product avoiding any hassle or pressure. Android development and testing of android applications go hand in hand. The options will definitely help if you def-rag your development and testing. is an android development and android app testing company. Our expert app developers excel in both the fields and have developed a testing procedure that reduces the testing time for our clients.


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