The Android KitKat 4.4 update in Nexus 4 will not give complete Nexus 5 Experience

Only a few weeks have passed since the official announcement of Android 4.4 update was made, and now people are curious about knowing the list of devices that will get the update. It is sure that the previous version of nexus 5 will receive the update, but for sure not completely. I mean to say that update will be there but you might not get a whole new experience of the Nexus 5.

The feature will is named as the single most exciting feature of Nexus 5 will not be introduced in the predecessor with the initial 4.4 KitKat update. The feature I’ve been talking about is the new Google Now Infused Launcher that promises faster access to the most talked about Google Now Service with just an “Ok Google” phrase and with just a swipe towards the left home screen which in reality is the Google Now as a substitute for a place for applications and widgets take a seat.

In the quick start guide of Android 4.4 KitKat given the company tells precisely that the newest Android update’s home screen for the Nexus 5 says, “The Home Screens on Nexus 5 work very differently from the Home Screens on the other Nexus devices.” Initially everybody thought that this can’t be true, but it a simple yes to Nexus 5 to receive the fastest access to Google Now.

Here are a certain things that the Nexus 5 Android 4.4 Launcher which the users can install with three files on Nexus 4 device:

The new launcher is solely for the Nexus 5 device. There might be chances that the internet giant might change its mind and even include it in the case of Nexus 4 and perhaps someday you will find it on the Google Play Store.

To be very clear, Google Now Launcher does not need any kind of technological leap or specific hardware in the way of Launcher coming on the Nexus 4 with Android KitKat 4.4 platform. It is just the decision of the Google to keep Nexus 4 owners away from it and not the technology.

The Nexus line of smartphones are best known for fast updates that bring the new features from the latest versions of Android to older devices. With Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5 we see a different approach, segmenting the best new features for the Nexus 5 and cutting off support for the fairly recent Galaxy Nexus smartphone that Google released in 2012.


Do you really need a smartwatch?

What’s new this apart from smartphones and tablets? It’s the smart watches that every other company seems to manufacture. Modern computerized wristwatches which display weather updates and message alerts seem to be in vogue this season. Major computers giants are trying their hands in motivating gadget freaks to add this new hot favorite device in their shopping list.

Sony and Samsung have already manufactured and their products are already in the market, and now Qualcomm has something that will be introduced prior to the holidays. There has been news that even Apple is engaged in manufacturing one, and there are rumors that even Google has also joined the league.

The big question is, why is there is so much hype everywhere in respect to the smart watch? This big push is not coming from the consumer side, but from the manufacturer side who have been doing everything to make people buy this expensive device.

From quite some time, smart watches have been trending in the market. They have all the capabilities and the technology has improved, but this is still not the product people have been craving for! But this has not stopped the manufacturers from trying to think and create something out of the box. All the tech firms around the world are in constant pressure of creating a new source of thrill the customers all around the world because they are no longer wowed by the latest tablets and smartphones launched every now and then. Now rather than making some revolutionary, it is the time to make something evolutionary.

Last month we had Samsung Galaxy Gear for $300 in United States, and before that we had Sony launching something similar. It works with selected devices in order to display text alerts, SMSs and even pick phone calls. You will also see a camera on the strap of the smart wrist watch for clicking low resolution images. The speakerphone on the belt of the watch allows you to make phone calls even when your phone is in the pocket of the jeans. To connect with the smartphone, you will have to keep it connected through Bluetooth. To enhance the functionality you can even install applications for example, fitness tracking activities, playing games, even though you will have limited number of applications available for now.

Is Facebook Becoming the New Source of Updates?


Forget any other website; Facebook has become one of the key resources to the latest updates. The wide social network has now become a pool of articles of all the happenings in the world, a study says.

The research done by the Pew research Center, in association with the Knight Foundation, found that around 64% of the United States adults are active on Facebook, and approximately half of them read the latest updates on this service. That amounts to a total of 30% Americans who are actually “Consumers of Facebook News,” as said by Pew.

But the survey suggests that 78% of this group of people get to know about the up-to-date information from the profile of their friends or through photo sharing. This post doesn’t want to convey this message that Facebook intends to replace any newspaper, it’s just that people login to upload something personal or comment on an activity and accidentally find something worthy and share on their profile as well. This chain keeps on running till the post goes viral over internet.

Though I have been claiming that Facebook is becoming a good source of information, its popularity is fading out among the teens because over the past one year rival websites like Instagram and Twitter are chosen over FB y the young generation, as revealed by a survey. Facebook has officially lost its spot to its rival websites as the most popular social networking website because of its privacy risks and tendency to provoke drama.


According to the survey, around 8,650 youngsters Facebook was only a “Social Burden” as now it is limited to only posting private pictures and commenting on them.

Many heavy news followers might not be considerate towards Facebook and its growing popularity only in this context because for them, it is just a medium to spread the word to rest of the population of the world easily. Around 38% of the followers read or share the update “most of the time” or “all of the time” and describe it as this is something where they will receive any important news bulletin with the comments and views of other readers. The statistics show that the number rose to 47% but some of them follow the same “some of the time” or even less.

Apart from any news bulletin, certain classes of people consider FB a tool to expose some scandalous people to make the news to people who might not be considerate about something.

The New Windows 8.1 – Loaded with 16 New Features

Microsoft has finally announced the release of one of the most awaited operating systems – The upgrade of Windows 8.1. It has already addressed some of the grievances people might be holding with Windows 8 operating system, radically the unusual operating systems that want to bridge the gap between PCs and tablets.

The new update still showcases the dual worlds that Windows 8 had created earlier when it went public in last October. One side laid the focus on the touch-enabled interface full of tiles something very similar found in tablet PCs. The other side hasn’t left behind the old traditional desktop mode where the mouse and keyboard still reign. The update only adds several new and enhanced gesture and finger friendly shortcuts for applications that are touch-based, while reestablishing respect for the desktop mode that a billion personal computer users are habitual to.

This Windows 8.1 update is available for free for the present owners of Windows 8. Let us have a look at some of the new features in Windows 8.1:

Start Button

Microsoft had not included the start button feature the predecessor of the new platform. In Windows 7 and all the previous versions, it was never excluded. On click on the start button, it would show you important folders and programs in a list. When I tried my hands on Windows 8 operating system, personally I found it very annoying to work without the start button. Now, with just one tap you are now able to flip back to the new tiled interface, where you are able to open programs easily. A long press would bring up imperative settings like the Control Panel.

Boot to Desktop

Start your machine now in the desktop mode, ignoring the tiles for a short span of time. This has reduced the headache for big organizations that want their employees to use Windows 8 but choose not to pay for every single touch-screen monitor for each and every employee.

Onscreen Keyboard Swipes

This is the ability to type punctuation marks or numbers by just swiping away from the keys on the standard “QWERTY” layout of keyboard, thus eliminating the need to toggle between the alphabetic and numeric layouts. You could even choose from the suggested words and mid-stream by using the taps and side swipes on the virtual spacebar.

Quicker Organization of Tiles

Tap & Hold the tiles of the Windows with your fingers and move them. Tap a couple of more times and you’ll resize the tiles into one of four sizes. In the older versions, you just had to revert back to the touchpad or mouse and right-click on them, and you had a limit of only two sizes.

Automatic Updates

The applications updated in the background will replace the persistent reminders directly to the Windows Store so as to update apps all by you.

Easy Access of Applications

Just find all your applications with just a swipe on the start screen, till the time you do not do it from the bottom edge. Previously, all you needed to do is swipe from the edge of the bottom, and then just tap on the entire Application buttons.

Smaller Tablets

The new Windows 8.1 comprises of a new home screen that looks amazing in the portrait mode on the screens measured accordingly to 7 and 8 inches diagonally.

Lock Screen Access

Answer video/audio calls on Skype or even click pictures without even unlocking the screen of your device. Just swipe it!

11 Things that prove Google is better than Apple

There was a time when Google and Apple were pretty good partners. These two are those titans of the industry that have captured the whole worked through their digital realm. They’ve shared a great partnership but since Google entered the market of smartphones with its own mobile operating system – Android, the relationship between the two companies have taken a sore turn. Now is the time where Google and Apple are competing with each other in almost every field.

Apple is known for setting a bench mark in mobile technology for all the companies around the world, but it is Google has been able to outshine Apple in some ways and proved its worth.

Let’s see how it is possible. Have a look at the following points:

Google Voice Assistant vs Apple’s Siri

These two have a lot of features in common like showcasing the nearby restaurants or scores of any sport. Siri is just a click away. Even if you are working on some other app, you will just have to hold down the home button and Siri is there for you!

Google Voice Assistant has taken a different approach for the personal assistant. This app is loaded with Google Search app, and many other features. Google is now not restricted on fetching information on instructions.

Google has taken a different approach to the personal assistant. Already armed with Google voice search, a feature within the Google Search app, Google Now doesn’t concentrate on fetching information on command. Rather, it attempts to anticipate your needs and bring up information before you ask for it.

Twitter hopes to raise approximately $1 Billion with IPO

Twitter has taken a step ahead to contact several banks to countersign the IPO and finally make the company public. This social-media monster has taken into account the services of a few banks for the help of taking the company to a whole new level – making it public, i.e, enabling it for financially available to myriad investors. This would mean that the shares of the company would be put on course and initiate trading in the month of November, if everything goes well with the plan. We all know about the present US shutdown, and this is what is disrupting the overall idea, but we hope it doesn’t last for a long time.

Twitter bugged Goldman Sachs in order to precedent the IPO, along with JPMorgan, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley. There are some other names as well but they still kept under the wrap because there is some information that twitter still wants to be private.

Many large scale banks, including the names above, have offered some credit line to twitter. This line might be upto $1 Billion, as said by media sources including New York Post. This twitter’s IPO is certainly one of the most significant technologies today after the inconsistent market debut of facebook. Twitter today is certainly the most effective ways to share information to a larger audience, used by kids and presidents like.

Twitter has uncovered a few details about its business, the next stair on its track of being a publicly traded firm. Now that twitter has planned each and everything including Exchange Commission Public and filing to the Securities, listed below are a few things that you need to know about initial public offering of Twitter:

How much amount is the organization going to make?

The revenue of the twitter has shown very positive signs of improvement. Since 2011 to 2012 the revenue had seen a massive increase of 198%. This is indeed a very high rise. Within the first six months, the revenue had just doubled up. But in the first half of 2013, the company reported loss of few millions.

What is the active number of users on Twitter?

Twitter literally boasts about having 215 million active users, and around 100 million users tweet on daily basis. As per statistics, facebook has around 1.15 billion monthly lively users.

What is the growth of twitter on mobile?

Between the months of April and June in this year, around 75% of users were accessing twitter through their mobile devices. During the same scale of time, 65% of total revenue was generated through smartphones.

Twitter’s aim of $1 Billion!

Twitter has finally unfolded the secrecy of documents of its prearranged the initial public subscription of stock and it has high hopes of raising nearly $1 Billion in the year’s most anticipated stock market debuts. The documents that were taken out of the cover showed how much money this social-giant was making. Launched in 2006, Twitter has never been able to turn out the profit and has a continuous history of losses, but its revenue is witnessing a rise.

This IPO has been long awaited and this San Francisco based organization has been doing all it can in order to boost its revenues. But still it has a long way to go outshine the popularity of facebook. Twitter’s potential of money making is definitely grasping the attention of a lot of early investors and capitalists. Let’s wait for the final word and see what’s next!

Nokia Lumia 1020: The Newest Member with 41 Mp Camera

Stop thinking about getting larger screens, faster processors, and everything else! It’s now about getting a device with a powerful camera. Nokia has taken a big step in introducing its new flagship across the world. Targeting camera enthusiasts, the company has finally launched the much anticipated 41 megapixel in some parts of the world and people are actually ditching their digi-cams and taking interest in this device. Loaded with PureView technology, the phone is typically a successor of the Nokia 808 PureView. This technology helps in oversampling (some data binning method) that helps in the reduction of the image captured at full resolution into an image of lower resolution, therefore achieving light sensitivity and higher definition, authorizing lossless zoom.

Nokia has made certain improvements in the previous PureView device by integrating the new 41-MegaPixels 2/3 inch BSI sensor with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), along with f/2.2 all-aspherical 1-group Carl Zeiss lens of high resolution. The company claims that they have received amazing positive response for the Lumia series and they have a strong faith in Nokia 1020 that it will not only reinforce the leadership in imaging. This has been a very important step in the consumer oriented market today.

The dual arrest feature of this new smartphone permits to take images of 38 megapixel and an5 megapixel which then can be shared on the myriad social networking sites. New feature called as Nokia Pro Camera, makes it quite simple for anybody to capture some professional quality images. Nokia Lumia 1020 is a premium smart device and their target markets include those people who love high quality imaging know-how. The range of Lumia phones are manufactured keeping in mind a pyramid structure, the lowest end would be Lumia 520 while the highest end will be Lumia 1020.

Let us have a look at the specifications of the most powerful Lumia till date:

  • 4.5-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display with 768×1280 resolution
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • 41-megapixel PureView rear camera
  • 1.2-megapixel wide-angle front camera
  • Windows Phone 8
  • 2,000 mAh battery

Best Moments captured like never before:

The latest Nokia Lumia 1020 is capable of capturing videos and photos that no other existing smartphone can take with PureView Technology, 41 MP camera sensor, amazing zoom of high-resolution and Optical Image Stabilization.

Zoom Recreated

This devices lets you shoot in amazingly super high resolution, that is, you can zoom in close to the shot you’ve taken. Reframe, rotate, share or crop the images as many times you feel like.

Videos that make you relive the moment

Content detailed high definition and sharp videos, and you can zoom upto six times without comprising with quality. And this new experience of Nokia rich recording, you would be able to record distortion-free, stereo sound – so just relive the moment at its best.

A Walkthrough of iOS 7 on Apple iPad

Yesterday there was a release of free update from the one of the most renowned companies of the world – Apple to its devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I went through many reviews of this new operating system on the latest devices like iPhone 5s/5c and saw how iOS 7 might look on smaller screen devices. Initially I thought that usage of pastel shades and light fonts would be a bad idea, but when I used it upon updating my 3rd generation iPad to check out iOS 7 and after quite a lot of hours of working on it, I have to admit that I was totally impressed by the update Apple has launched.

I guess Apple is the only company in the world that seems to inform all its carriers how the update is going to be like and it is quite surprising how they are the only ones even today to release on a single day a worldwide update of the new OS. Users can now avail now the iOS 7 update on their devices for free! The process was like a cake walk and even without having any kind of blanket of backup security and my iPad works perfectly and runs with the same applications and settings as they were on iOS 6.

The very first difference you’ll notice between iOS 6 and iOS 7 is the change in font weights, colors and icons on the home screen. I am still stumbling upon the home screen effect where you can see “under icons” on tilting the screen of your device. Though the impression cannot be captured with a screen shot, but getting to see the “depth” of the icons on the home screen is altogether a whole new experience. You will love the new look that the icons of Safari, Mail, Newsstand and more have got. You will notice some opaqueness like Windows Vista on the bottom launch bar of the home screen, but it looks truly amazing.

There is one more thing to notice – when you’ll tap on any folder of shortcuts then you will get to see the folder flying in the front with spaces for up to nine applications. You can swipe from side-to-side in case you’ll have more applications in that folder. When you tap outside, the folder will automatically minimize back to the home screen. The background image move along with the folder flyout plus image zooming will also happen at the same time. Overall a very nice visual effect is not at all disturbing.

Another functionality from which I couldn’t lay my eyes off was the multi-tasking feature. It is pretty much like the WebOS. By pressing home button twice, task manager will pop twice where the app icon will appear below the currently working screen.

It seems like Apple’s applications all have been redone which even includes Photos with organization structure based on years, moments and collections, Safari browser has a better look and feel, and everything else with new and better fonts and colors. I am not basically a huge fan of pastel or neon shades, but by far I love the refresh and in my opinion it was time for some necessary changes in the iOS.

iPhone 5S is no different, and iPhone 5C cannot be called be cheap!

This time the release of two new models of iPhone really made the world miss Jobs! Every time there is news for release of newer versions of iPhone devices, excitement runs through the veins of people all around the world. But this time, Apple has really dropped the ball. In the recent years, the definition of smartphones has changed completely. Persistently Apple has managed to refuse to budge from its old but successful tried-and-tested iPhone tactics. Straight away it has refused to address the present smartphone market. It is neither focusing on large screen race of mobile phones nor getting into the race of camera megapixels. Even including the quad-core processor in the mobile phones is out of concern.

All the stuff that companies manufacturing Android based devices, like including a quad-core processor without thinking of the software, is mostly of no use. I don’t think that Apple cares about all this stuff now. But somewhere Apple has started to lose its market share because of its competitors are constantly trying to experiment something or the other! We all are totally aware of the fact if you want something high end in Android, then you will only have options with high resolution screen and large screens.

It was believed all over the world the latest releases in the iPhone league would be something extra-ordinary like its predecessors and take care of high-tech market, something really different and magical. The main focus was supposed to be Indian and Chinese market and to some degree release of low-budget iPhones were expected. Instead of one, Apple took a chance of releasing two new products. But as said above, they failed to meet the high expectations of customers unlike the previous gadgets. We surely do miss Steve Jobs!

Let us take a look at iphone 5S and how it advances:

Similar Design: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 look exactly the same. There is zero change in the design, well it is not a bad thing – the design of iPhone 5 is pretty but boring!

Same Screen: This factor is one of the biggest disappointments. Present Android devices come with improved screen resolution every time it launches a new phone. FullHD resolution is the main attraction these days, making them extremely crisp and sharp. iPhone 5S has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 x 720 pixels.

Exactly same amount of internal storage: It is true, you still have iPhone in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB variants. Apple does not talk about its RAM, but it would be around 2 GB only.

Safeguard your iPhone from any Possible DoS Attack

Many non-iPhone users must be wondering what is this term DoS? So before starting to write about safeguarding to device, I will write about this attack. DoS means denial of service attack. This is that attack which reduces or prevents any internet application’s ability to be used to iPhone users. Due to this attack due to which your firewall or network becomes useless and unreachable to users by messing up, jamming or crashing it. The main reason is the distributed nature of the network. Each and every node of the network is connected via different other networks which in turn are connected to other networks, and so on. The problem with this attack on the web world is that it cannot be prevented in any condition. Many organizations or universities are becoming hosts for such kind of attacks, as there are so many computers for public usage. Any attacker is capable of disrupting the connection “upstream” from any remote location.

Few days back, it was revealed that a susceptibility inside OS X/iOS left users potentially vulnerable to attacks like DoS. Though Apple is fairly quite fast in clearing the air about any issues that might be able to harm its fame, the relatively secure nature of all its important ecosystems has gone through a good tweak-based solution. As without any kind of jailbreak, there is no way to outreach those systems that system files located deep within iOS’s make up, you might definitely need your device to be jail-broken to order install certain applications, for tweak patching such security holes.

An ISP or firewall administrator will only have a few controls of a few local rudiments that are within reach. Safari might be the weak link for Apple devices and after it is being used for bringing down a MacBook Air in a contest sometime back, since then it is confirmed that Apple’s Safari for iPhone 1.1.4 has some vulnerability.

According to a source, “the design flaw triggers a series of memory allocation operations on the iPhone’s dynamic memory pool, which then triggers a bug in the garbage pool collector.” To understand this, every iPhone user must visit the site atleast once written with that scrupulous malicious JavaScript. This flaw might potentially crash Safari browser and possibly even the iPhone altogether.

Every potential iPhone user must possess some worry in context to this matter, the problem is nothing more than a provocation, but when in the hands of a professional hacker, it might turn out to be a major issue. We just hope, Apple will roll out another infamously uncertain updates that could be released just for “maintenance and security issues” for its devices and all is going to be well in the iPhoneiverse.